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Project Description

The Health Plan Sales Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 / Dynamics CRM Online is a kit that contains customizations to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that enables health plans to easily move their marketing & sales processes online, and manage the customer value lifecycle.

Under health reform, the demand for small group and individual plans is expected to triple between 2010 and 2019. In order to participate in this hypercompetitive individual and small group market, health plans must quickly move their sales processes online to decrease the cost of sales, reduce multiple points of failure in their current sales, service and retention processes, and interoperate with state health insurance exchanges (HIEs) in 2014.

The Health Plan Sales Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a strategic sales- and service-enabled CRM platform that enables health plans to quickly and easily move their marketing and sales processes online to proactively manage and monitor sales, member service and retention. It offers a simpler solution for capturing critical sales data that integrates with--and enables workflows between-- the various touch points in the health plan marketing, sales, and service processes. This ensures that customer experiences are seamless and exceptional across the entire customer lifecycle, from sales to renewal, including Marketing, Sales, Enrollment, Care Delivery, Care/Wellness Coaching, Customer Service, Retention, and Renewal. This end-to-end integrated approach enables health plans to focus on member acquisition, services, and retention and interoperate with state health insurance exchanges by the 2014 deadline.

IMPORTANT NOTE - This framework (Accelerator) is freely distributable code that constitues a demonstration system. It is being made avialable to all Microsoft Customers and Partners. It is provided without Warranty or Support, and should not be considered as 'Production Ready.' 

Please also review the new License agreement before working with the accelerator.

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